About Us

Performance for financial 2009

Our Journey is one of evolution as we believe that continual adaptation of one's capabilities is the key to thriving in today's business environment. We have overcome the world's worst financial crisis in recent history. The turbulent global economic upheaval has created much havoc in the corporate world in 2009. Despite the recession year, we not only survive through, our company has registered one of the biggest growths in our business history since 1996. The sales turnover was almost double compared to the financial year 2008.

Business review for 2010

Year 2010 will be a fruity year for our company. We will be riding on the back of economic growth with the blooming construction trade. Management is expecting the sales turnover to again, double of financial 2009. Order book till date was full for 2010 projects in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. With total employment staff of 25 in Singapore office, and we are still employing.


Since 1996, we are working as a distributor for many big names in the global market. Over decade of business experience, management know the risk of been deappointed as a distributor or the big player will bring in new brand to complete within itself. CASTALIO COLLECTIONS was registered as trademark products of Krono (S) Pte Ltd in year 2009. KRONO-FIX laminated parquet was officially trademark products of Krono (s) Pte ltd in year 2005.We have appointed a few global manufacturers to produce our products. Krono-fix are offically Trademark product of Krono (S) Pte Ltd in Year 2010.

Future Growth

We will be riding on the new waves of opportunities as the global economic recovery gains momentum. We will continue to build our core business and exploring new market, such as India, Myanmar and Middle East. Management are positioning as a laminated flooring manufacturer in the global market. We are mindful that the operating environment would continue to be challenging, requiring us to be vigilant and prudent. Management plan to increase from current office and warehouse space by four times by 2013 and to operate our first very own laminated flooring manufacturing in Singapore.

Risk Factors/Management

Been surviving through many global economic turbulent, management understand the needs of adopting a set of risks control. Market risk, business risk, operational risk, product risk, investment risk, foreign exchange risk, credit risk, interest rate risk and last but not least, liquidity risk. As a growing company, risk management is the key to the success or survives of the company.



Company do not engaged sub-contractor for the installation of our products. We only select our well train employer for very home owner. Every home will be treated as our very own home, because we are home owner too.

Our Environment

Our products fully comply with the regulatory requirements of ISO 14001-certified environmental management system, where we strive to preserve and recycle our natural resources in our daily activities. Not neglecting the global warming, our entire product lines are compliant with the standard set out by the environmental council.